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Though Lightroom is part of the same family of editing tools as Photoshop, it has been designed with specific functionality to manage and edit a large number of images, in one place. In fact, until recently, photographers were faced with an almost impossible task of archiving images post-production.

It was an inefficient and tedious process that required lots of time. Lightroom solves this issue. This makes it effortless to sift through hundreds of images and edit in batches. Yeah, did we mention we love Lightroom?! Hop over to get the Dirtyboots look on your pictures! Great for: surprising your couples with a beautiful slideshow before you send them the whole gallery.

How to Install the JPEGmini Photoshop Extension

Have you ever wishes that you could share snippets of your work with clients before the final delivery? Well, with Smartslides, now you can. You simply choose a soundtrack from some available tracks, add your photo selection, and then customize to create a presentation to suit the couple. They can even download the slideshow directly from their browser, giving them total freedom to enjoy and share their memento of their special day. And there you have it — our top 5 pick of the essential digital tools for any wedding photographer.

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We hope this helps you to speed up your workflow and produce your most beautiful images yet! Get 2 additional months on top of your free trial period with Pic Time. Narrative helps you create image-heavy blogposts in no time. All of them in one pack: The Dirtyboots Presets Pack! Dirtyboots Lightroom Mobile Presets. Editing your phone shots and selfies to create adventurous works of art should be simple.

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The more intimate, unique and adventurous the better. Most people have heard of oysters and chocolate preferably not together! Rather than listening to what the movies tell you JPEGmini takes advantage of the underzealous compression habits of your camera devices to further compact your JPEG files no other types are supported while leaving them nearly as detailed. It trimmed my Zooming in to the pixelated level, the differences still weren't something to stress over. I created two copies of the photos involved for comparison purposes, as JPEGmini compresses the originals and doesn't create backups.

Be sure you don't want the originals of anything you use it on. Also, once photos have been re-compressed using JPEGmini, that's it: You can't reduce them further by running them through the program again.

This is as it should be when a program's purpose is to save disk space while minimizing loss of photo detail. In this photo-crazed world we live in, JPEGmini takes admirable care of a simple need: Reducing the amount of space required by your visual memorabilia. He is also a tremendous fan of flossing and the happiest guy around when the company's good.

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