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Credit unions generally offer higher interest rates, better loan rates, lower fees, and better personalized customer service than traditional banks. Credit unions are nonprofit, whereas banks are for-profit. Banks have more nationwide accessibility, but the interest rate is usually low and they charge more fees. Wells Fargo : Widespread accessibility with over 5, locations and 13, ATMs; many checking options including Opportunity Checking for those who had financial troubles.

Capital One : Web bank with in-person support; all banking products have no monthly service fees or minimum opening deposits. CIT Bank : Online bank with one of the highest interest rates for online savings account. PNC Bank : Unique Virtual Wallet feature and financial tools that help you reach your goals; account fee is easily waived.

Anyone can join with simple qualifications. Simple Bank : Millennial-focused banking and budgeting; offers high interest savings and a unique Safe-to-Spend feature; no monthly fee and no minimums. Our Review : 4. But there are drawbacks. Read this review to see if Chase is a good bank for you Read full review. Chase Private Client. Our Review : 3. But does this convenience come at a cost? Read on Free Merrill Edge Trades. Read on to see if this bank is right for you Are these perks worth it? Find out what makes TD Bank a great choice for you and some reasons to look elsewhere Bank is the country's fifth largest bank, but does that make them a bank that will suit your banking needs?

Do you need one of the country's largest banks or is a smaller bank more your style? Read on to see if this East Coast bank is right for you But service fees and balance requirements are on the high side. Is it the right bank for you?

Keep reading to find out Does this popular web bank live up to its claims? Find out if it's right for you Online CDs. But it offers some unique programs.

Read on to see if Fifth Third Bank is a good fit for you CIT is tempting, but there are downsides you should not ignore. Read this review before you open an account Money Market Account - 1. Term CDs.

No-Penalty CD. Jumbo CDs. With a free checking option and a range of deposit accounts, does it meet your needs? Wells Fargo offers nationwide access with thousands of ATMs and branch locations. But are their checkings and savings accounts right for you? Read on to see the best options But there are downsides. Read on for the pros and cons Here's what you need to know before you open an account Online Savings Account - Earn 1.

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Certificate of Deposit. Money Market Account. IRA Certificate of Deposit. If so, you may want to consider Citizens Bank While they offer interest rates comparable to most "big banks," they do offer that warm, fuzzy feeling some people look for in a bank But is this popular online bank good for you?

Learn the benefits and drawbacks here Online Savings Account. Interest Checking. Money Market. Raise Your Rate CDs.

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No Penalty CD. Its account offerings are basic with higher fees, but is it a good fit for you? They offer a large range of personal financial products to help consumers take control of their finances. But are their services worth it? High Yield Savings. IRA CD. Read on to see if it's right for you Yield Pledge Checking. Yield Pledge Money Market. Yield Pledge CD. Bump Rate CD. If the perfect checking account for you is one with no monthly fees while offering rewards, you may have found your match with Axos Bank Rewards Checking. Essential Checking. High Yield Money Market. You may have found your fit with KeyBank Think you can't earn airline miles from your bank account?

Think again. BankDirect offers two accounts that allow you to earn American Airlines miles Refer a Friend. It also offers high yield checking and savings interest rates that might far surpass your local bank. Read on to learn the pros and cons Internet banking may seem new, but First Internet Bank has offered it since the late s. Does their experience in the industry make them the best option? Money Market Savings Account.

Regular Savings. High Yield CD. You can do just about anything online today, including all of your banking. If you can handle never going to the bank drive-up again, read on to see if MemoryBank is a good fit for you EarnMore Checking Account - 1. Money Market Account - 2. Tired of low interest rates at your local bank? Consider an online savings accounts with Popular Direct Bank. Read on to learn about the benefits and drawbacks before opening an account Plus Savings Account.

Are you tired of bank fees and meeting minimum balance requirements? Salem Five Direct may be the answer to your needs. They don't have minimum balance requirements on their checking and savings accounts and they offer high-yield APYs Aspiration offers socially-responsible banking services and investment products with a unique "Pay What Is Fair" approach.

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Is it too good to be true? Open Spend and Save Account - Earn up to 1.

Save Account - Up to 1. But is it good or bad? Find out how you can get paid two days early and fees to look out for Get Started. Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers savings accounts and CDs at high interest rates.