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Hope it helps. You mean you can't get the Avios points if you try to use your Amex card in a shop that doesn't accept Amex? Who knew. I'm assuming as this is a deal credited after the point of payment, any voucher codes etc should still work :. These places are always giving out free meals on the veryme app, not great restaurants to be fair.

Only noticed the 'c ' at bottom of the page don't realise the age of the article until you press the drop down for the 3 year old comments y. All that meant that it was 4 x harder to save for a European reward flight , so we bailed out. That article is 3 and a half years old! If you paid cash you would find they charge you for the domestic leg as well. I personally get massive value out of Avios Frankly none of this has anything to do with the offer.

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You would need to have the Amex card already so the points raised have no relevance on the offer. All that meant that it was 4 x harder to save for a European reward flight plus the tax you paid doubled as you pay that for each flight too, so we bailed out. It has improved massively over the past few years. Using Avios the domestic leg to get you to London is free on long haul routes. Avios is a very poor frequent flyer scheme to what it once was. They effectively halved the collection rate on my card and then to add insult to injury started to charge for the shuttle from Manchester to catch your reward flight from Heathrow.

Crazy promo gets Amex cardholders $30 off any $60+ order on Amazon – BGR

At that point I left. Amex isn't too widely accepted either in the UK. I had that experience once. We told them no and either cancel the ticket or honour the booking. Very dodgy company. Netflights is also usually a fair bit cheaper too, and very trustworthy. Really good service from them. I have only ever booked with Emirates direct. Remember that booking Emirates direct is more expensive than Skyscanner etc.

Sadly Emirates' price guarantee only applies to Economy class. My teenage brain kicked in and I laughed out loud on the bus traveling home when i saw that GIF I think I'm currently 35 ;.

Crazy offer I have nearly four hundred transactions on my Amex card a month but they still offer this. Damn, I need to learn a lot highfive. Has anyone tried to register for a monthly box and then see if they can add from the shop in the same transaction?

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Fair point. The deal is as cold as the ice in the gin but heyho.

No promo on my Amex. I get some useless ones. Same cheese, but less than half the price. The secret to shopping wisely is not to allow yourself to be taken in by the big brands. You also get Ginned magazine, which is really good. Delivery is also free. Booked Luft flights just the other day Available on my Platinum card but not Gold charge card.

American Express Credit Cards

That would be like me voting cold for all the Heron food Deals that pop up. Then you should just refrain from voting at all. Better off using HSBC for Morrisons rewards, at least they apply it to all users, not the selective few that Amex do with their pathetic offers. Update, they are trolling me now. Bought a flight with Swiss last week on said Amex. Second time I've seen an Amex deal on here and both times it's not on my platinum cash back. The Lounge access alone is a good enough perk and sets it apart from the competition. New facebook group for uk amex customers to discuss offers, perks and spending points.

In my experience Amex also tend to be quite generous in the credit limits they give out. Also customer service is great. There's a free version of the AMEX card which doesn't require an annual membership. The interest like any other credit card is only crazy if you don't pay off your full balance each month. Hi all genuine question, whats the appeal of having an american express? Does anyone have a spare student beans code I could use please? My account has just expired annoyed. Is the Studentbeans discount valid on everything on the site? Worked easily and had an email straight away from Amex thanking me for using my offer and that the credit will be applied to my account within 5 days Thanks OP.

Often shortened to AmEx, American Express is a global credit card and financial services brand. The best credit cards of How to check your credit score for free. CNBC Select may receive an affiliate commission when you click on the links for products from our partners. Click here to read our full advertiser disclosure. Chase cardholders can earn an additional percentage of cash back at participating merchants.

We analyzed 27 popular credit cards for building your credit history: Here's our pick for No. The best credit cards for building credit of October Alexandria White 3 hours ago. Keep an eye out for great travel offers and ideas from American Express Travel. You will get 4 additional points for a total of 5 points for each dollar spent on eligible travel purchases made on amextravel. Eligible travel purchases include the following purchases made on amextravel. Eligible travel purchases do NOT include non-prepaid hotel bookings, car rentals or cruise purchases, hotel group reservations or events, ticketing service, cancellation or other fees, interest charges, purchases of travelers checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents.

To modify a reservation you must cancel and rebook your reservation. You can cancel and rebook your reservation on amextravel. Cancellations are subject to hotel cancellation penalty policies. For Business Platinum Card Members, extra points for air, prepaid hotel, and travel packages will be credited to the Membership Rewards account weeks after final payment is made.

Additional benefits

Bonuses you may receive with your Card on other purchase categories or in connection with promotions or offers from American Express may not be combined with this benefit. Merchants are assigned codes based on what they primarily sell. A purchase will not qualify for additional points if the merchant's code is not eligible.

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The benefits associated with the Additional Card s you choose may be different than the benefits associated with your basic Card. See membershiprewards. Those same Card Members will also get at least 1 additional point for each dollar of eligible travel purchases made on amextravel. Platinum and Business Platinum Card Members are only eligible for 1 additional point on cruise reservations. Eligible travel purchases do NOT include car reservations, non-prepaid hotels, ticketing service or other fees, or interest charges. Bonuses you may receive with your Card on other purchase categories or in connection with promotions or offers from American Express may not be combined with this offer, such as 5X bonuses for Platinum and Business Platinum Card Members.