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We have not experienced any significant shortages of supplies or any delays in receiving our food or beverage inventories, restaurant supplies or products. Prices charged to us by our suppliers are subject to fluctuation, and we have historically been able to pass increased costs and savings on to our stores.

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We may periodically enter into financial instruments to manage the risk from changes in commodity prices. We do not engage in speculative transactions nor do we hold or issue financial instruments for trading purposes.

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Table of Contents Competition. Government regulation. We are also subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act and various other federal and state laws governing such matters as minimum wage requirements, overtime and other working conditions and citizenship requirements.

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A significant number of our food service personnel are paid at rates related to the applicable minimum wage, and past increases in the minimum wage have increased our labor costs as would future increases. We are subject to the rules and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission and various state laws regulating the offer and sale of franchises.

The Federal Trade Commission and various state laws require that we furnish a franchise offering circular containing certain information to prospective franchisees, and a number of states require registration of the franchise offering circular with state authorities. Substantive state laws that regulate the franchisor-franchisee relationship presently exist in a substantial number of states, and bills have been introduced in Congress from time to time that would provide for federal regulation of the franchisor-franchisee relationship. The state laws often limit, among other things, the duration and scope of non-competition provisions, the ability of a franchisor to terminate or refuse to renew a franchise and the ability of a franchisor to designate sources of supply.

We believe that our uniform franchise offering circular, together with any applicable state versions or supplements, and franchising procedures comply in all material respects with both the Federal Trade Commission guidelines and all applicable state laws regulating franchising in those states in which we have offered franchises. Internationally, our franchise stores are subject to national and local laws and regulations that often are similar to those affecting our domestic stores, including laws and regulations concerning franchises, labor, health, sanitation and safety.

Our international stores are also often subject to tariffs and regulations on imported commodities and equipment, and laws regulating foreign investment. We believe that our international disclosure statements, franchise offering documents and franchising procedures comply in all material respects with the laws of the foreign countries in which we have offered franchises. Our policy is to pursue registration of our trademarks and to vigorously oppose the infringement of any of our trademarks. We license the use of our registered marks to franchisees through franchise agreements. We are not aware of any federal, state or local environmental laws or regulations that will materially affect our earnings or competitive position, or result in material capital expenditures.

However, we cannot predict the effect of possible future environmental legislation or regulations.

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During , there were no material capital expenditures for environmental control facilities, and no such material expenditures are anticipated in Table of Contents Employees. As franchisees are independent business owners, they and their employees are not included in our employee count. We consider our relationship with our employees and franchisees to be good. None of our employees are represented by a labor union or covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Our commitment to safety is embodied in our hiring, training and review process.

Before an applicant is considered for hire as a delivery driver in the United States, motor vehicle records are reviewed to ensure a minimum safe driving record of one or two years. In addition, we require regular checks of driving records and proof of insurance for delivery drivers throughout their employment with us. We have also implemented several safe driving incentive programs. Our safety and security department oversees security matters for our domestic Company-owned stores and provides assistance to our franchisees as requested.

Regional security and safety directors oversee security measures at domestic Company-owned store locations and assist local authorities in investigations of incidents involving our stores or personnel. Community activities. We believe in supporting the communities we serve, and we base our corporate giving on three simple elements; delivering charitable support to our own team members, to our customers, and to national programs. National Philanthropic Partner. In addition to the work that we do in the community on a corporate level, we are proud to have the support of more than 2, franchisees around the world who choose to get involved with local charities to make a difference in their communities.

Franchisees participate in numerous local programs with schools, hospitals and other charitable organizations, delivering pizzas and offering monetary support.

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Franchisees also support specific initiatives such as the Delivering the Dough fundraising card program. Table of Contents Research and development. Company-sponsored research and development activities, which include, among other things, testing new products for possible menu additions, are an important activity to us and our franchisees.

We do not consider the amounts spent on research and development to be material. Pursuant to the terms of our standard franchise agreement, franchisees are also required to maintain minimum levels of insurance coverage at their expense and to have us named as an additional insured on their liability policies. Seasonal operations.

Backlog orders. Government contracts. Financial information about business segments and geographic areas.

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Available information. Forward-looking statements include information concerning future results of operations, and business strategy.

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We have based these forward looking statements on our current expectations and projections about future events. Among these risks and uncertainties are competitive factors, increases in our operating costs, ability to retain our key personnel, our substantial leverage, ability to implement our growth and cost-saving strategies, industry trends and general economic conditions, adequacy of insurance coverage and other factors, all of which are described in this and other filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All forward-looking statements should be evaluated with the understanding of their inherent uncertainty.

We undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. In light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the forward-looking events discussed in this Annual Report on Form K might not occur. Risks relating to our business and industry. We also compete on a broader scale with quick service and other international, national, regional and local restaurants. The overall food service market and the quick service restaurant sector are intensely competitive with respect to food quality, price, service, image, convenience and concept, and are often affected by changes in:.

We compete within the food service market and the quick service restaurant sector not only for customers, but also for management and hourly employees, suitable real estate sites and qualified franchisees. Our domestic supply chain segment is also subject to competition from outside suppliers. If other suppliers, who meet our qualification standards, were to offer lower prices or better service to our franchisees for their ingredients and supplies and, as a result, our franchisees chose not to purchase from our domestic supply chain centers, our financial condition, business and results of operations would be adversely affected. Table of Contents If we fail to successfully implement our growth strategy, which includes opening new domestic and international stores, our ability to increase our revenues and operating profits could be adversely affected. A significant component of our growth strategy is opening new domestic and international stores. We and our franchisees face many challenges in opening new stores, including, among others:.

The opening of additional franchise stores also depends, in part, upon the availability of prospective franchisees who meet our criteria. Our failure to add a significant number of new stores would adversely affect our ability to increase revenues and operating income. We are currently planning to expand our international operations in markets where we currently operate and in selected new markets.

This may require considerable management time as well as start-up expenses for market development before any significant revenues and earnings are generated. Operations in new foreign markets may achieve low margins or may be unprofitable, and expansion in existing markets may by affected by local economic and market conditions.

Therefore, as we expand internationally, we may not experience the operating margins we expect, our results of operations may be negatively impacted and our common stock price may decline. The food service market is affected by consumer preferences and perceptions. Changes in these preferences and perceptions may lessen the demand for our products, which would reduce sales and harm our business. Increases in food, labor and other costs could adversely affect our profitability and operating results.

An increase in our operating costs could adversely affect our profitability. Factors such as inflation, increased food costs, increased labor and employee benefit costs and increased energy costs may adversely affect our operating costs. Most of the factors affecting costs are beyond our control and, in many cases, we may not be able to pass along these increased costs to our customers or franchisees. Most ingredients used in our pizza, particularly cheese, are subject to significant price fluctuations as a result of seasonality, weather, demand and other factors.

Labor costs are largely a function of the minimum wage for a majority of our store personnel and certain supply chain center personnel and, generally, are a function of the availability of labor. Our substantial indebtedness could adversely affect our business and limit our ability to plan for or respond to changes in our business.

As a result of the Recapitalization, we hold a substantial amount of indebtedness and are highly leveraged. We may also incur additional debt, which would not be prohibited under the terms of the securitized debt. Our substantial indebtedness and the fact that a large portion of our cash flow from operations must be used to make payments on our indebtedness could have important consequences to our business and our shareholders. For example, they could:. Table of Contents In addition, the financial and other covenants we agreed to with our lenders will limit our ability to incur additional indebtedness, make investments, pay dividends and engage in other transactions, and the leverage may cause potential lenders to be less willing to loan funds to us in the future.

Our failure to comply with these covenants could result in an event of default that, if not cured or waived, could result in the acceleration of repayment of all of our indebtedness. We may be unable to generate sufficient cash flow to satisfy our significant debt service obligations, which would adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations.

Our ability to make principal and interest payments on and to refinance our indebtedness will depend on our ability to generate cash in the future. This, to a certain extent, is subject to general economic, financial, competitive, legislative, regulatory and other factors that are beyond our control. If our business does not generate sufficient cash flow from operations, if currently anticipated cost savings and operating improvements are not realized on schedule, in the amounts projected or at all, or if future borrowings are not available to us under our variable funding notes in amounts sufficient to fund our other liquidity needs, our financial condition and results of operations may be adversely affected.

If we cannot generate sufficient cash flow from operations to make scheduled principal and interest payments on our debt obligations in the future, we may need to refinance all or a portion of our indebtedness on or before maturity, sell assets, delay capital expenditures or seek additional equity. If we are unable to refinance any of our indebtedness on commercially reasonable terms or at all or to effect any other action relating to our indebtedness on satisfactory terms or at all, our business may be harmed.

The terms of our securitized debt financing of certain of our wholly-owned subsidiaries have restrictive terms and our failure to comply with any of these terms could put us in default, which would have an adverse effect on our business and prospects.

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  • Unless and until we repay all outstanding borrowings under our securitized debt, we will remain subject to the restrictive terms of these borrowings. The securitized debt, under which certain of our wholly-owned subsidiaries issued and guaranteed senior and subordinated fixed rate notes and variable funding senior revolving notes, contain a number of significant covenants, including a debt service coverage calculation.

    These covenants limit the ability of certain of our subsidiaries to, among other things:. The securitized debt also requires us to maintain a specified financial ratio at the end of each fiscal quarter.