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At Cirque's International Headquarters in Montreal, motorcycle stunt performers all perform on electric motorbikes in training for R. The guy in charge of getting R. N 's orgy of stage dives, pyrotechnics and vehicular mayhem is the production"s Human Performance Designer Rob Bollinger. We have six motorcycles; we have two, we have three different disciplines, we have trial, we have [them doing] aerial flips.

And we also have stunt riding, which is street bike-riding, they do the wheelies and all types of figures that you see in a street bike motorcycle. It allows them to manoeuvre and do all their moves, yet still has the fire protection needed. And, yeah, one of our challenges is going to develop that performance. How long can we create [that]? If we can create one minute, you know, on fire. If we can create a minute on fire and then that thing leads to something else on fire for another minute and then onto another, then we can start to see it grow and grow. It's when you stop and it starts to surround you that it gets to be pretty scary and dangerous," Bollinger continued.

Yes, there are times when you can use CGI to fake things and do things in the movie world, but we can't [here on stage]. We need to do it live, so we need to do it live and we need to do it ten times a week, and we need to do it every week of the year. And so to be able to put that together and design that properly is going to be a super-critical.

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Motorcycle stunt performers and stunt people rehearse at Cirque's International Headquarters in Montreal for R. N , set to debut at its Las Vegas residency on October In this case [with R. N ], it's got to be one continuous action and you it's not easy, because, you know, it's the fire," Frenette explained further. It's the real deal, so the approach is like the same on a movie set. We got the underwear that is made out of Nomex a fire-resistant fibre, also used in protective clothing for firefighters to astronauts , which is a protection.

Then we have the gel is the second protection you put on top. N director Schwandt, "and it's been bridging that gap between, you know, when a film is done you do the stunt in one take, you do it again, you do it again and then you move on.

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The tricky part is stringing all of those sequences together in a live show, right? We don't necessarily have time to stop, [and] reset it. It has to be a complete choreographed stage secret. So I think that's been the biggest challenge for me from a stunt perspective.

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I love the challenge the show has presented, [and] I love the fact that I'm doing a Cirque du Soleil show without circus acrobats in the show. Former Marilyn Manson guitarist-turned-film score composer Tyler Bates provides the soundtrack for his first theatrical endeavour with Cirque du Soleil's R. The sound for R.

N gets broken down into several chapters requiring different types of music to go along with the dialogue involved from Rodriguez's script. There's an Eighties inspiration for a little bit of it; there's a metal inspiration for a part of it; there's definitely electro influence on what I'm doing," plus some "famous songs" being adapted with several "known vocalists" for it that Bates refuses to disclose at this time, a well-honed tradition within Cirque "I can't," he quipped.


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Five major characters are in R. But in think, in the show, my character is willing to do pretty bad things to people that I necessarily would think of doing in real life. But in the context of the show, he's got to do what he's got to do get something that was taken from him.

While the show doesn't have clowns in a traditional sense, second-generation circus performer Sam Ferlo certain acts like one as The Professional. He's the comic relief of the whole story. And it was more of the same thing, except it was more fun. I got a call later in a couple of months and I got the job.

I think the stunts; the stunts attracted me very much. I've always wanted to be a big part of that stuff, so I get to do stunts in an action-live thriller onstage seemed very new and 'why not? I think what drew me to that was, I was told to do that but also I'm just funny in general, so I can't not be serious.

If my character had a theme song, it would probably be a rustic version of the James Bond theme -- a very messed-up version of Probably R. It's something Cirque has never worked with before," Punton explained his part. I swallow swords, lift weights with my eye sockets and many, many other dangerous things that involve needles, grinders and circular saws.

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There's no magic, there's no illusion [to it]," said the former 22 year-old certified medical assistant before going into showbiz. N ] has been incredibly unique and unforgettable. This journey has challenged me physically and mentally as a performer, from overcoming personal weaknesses to accomplishing things I never imagined possible. Incidentally, R. N is definitely not a family-friendly production, another rarity for Cirque since its ongoing R-rated Vegas burlesque show Zumanity ; due to its violent scenes and adult content.

To check out examples of Punton's abilities, click on this link. NOTE: Contains disturbingly graphic freak show scenes that are not for the squeamish, therefore viewer discretion is advised -- and please do not try these stunts at home. And the ladies are just as tough as the guys, as demonstrated by Parisian-born Emilie Caillon who has a background in gymnastics and dance training and done some previous action roles in film, including a plum role in Marvel Studios' forthcoming Black Widow solo film out next year; playing the resident femme fatale known as The Bride.

And when they offered me to be the female hero I said yeah. I really want to do that because in some way, I guess, I want to defend that girls can be very powerful. Our acting skills teacher and choreographer both helped me with [developing] it and the overall process helps it, so I like it.

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Overall, the whole situation that I am here working in Cirque, in another country, is already the biggest challenge for me. It was also quite challenging for me that I sometimes have to attend sports classes with all the people who perform the stunt tricks, with all the athletes and you have to be consistent. And you have to pull up [your weight around here] and work with them.

So, to some extent, this is also a big challenge for me, because I'm not a sports person. In this regard, I try to toe the line with everyone here. Even with six residency shows currently running that still packs them in on a nightly basis and after two-and-half decades in Sin City, Cirque still has its own pre-show jitters to how audiences will take R. N as another uncharted territory they're about to engage in. That would be the beginning of the end [of us]. We're totally blind right now, diving in and hoping for the best.

We're not stupid either; we have experience and we have great people and I think we're mitigating out risk by doing our homework. But, you never know in live entertainment how people are going to react and that's the excitement of working in the entertainment business in this city in particular. N will begin its indefinite run no pun intended starting October 24 at the R. For tickets and information, call or cirquedusoleil. Apparently it's the cinematic year of the yeti, what with Smallfoot and Missing Link making the rounds into the cineplexes of late.

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Teenaged Yi Bennet is a talented young violinist living with her widowed mother Michelle Wong and grandmother Tsai Chin in their cramped Shanghai apartment and spending most of her summer vacation period doing odd jobs around town in secretly raising funds for her dream cross-China trip she once planned with her late father. Her life changes one night when an escaped yeti Izzo takes refuge in her private rooftop hideaway, trying to avoid capture.

Naming the alone and scared creature Everest, Yi realizes that the gentle giant wants to return to the Himalayans and unexpectedly helps him with his homeward-bound journey. With her neighbours and friends the pubescent Peng Tsai , an aspiring basketball star and his older cousin Jin Trainor , a somewhat self-centered ladies' man; reluctantly in tow with this endeavour, they discover that Everest has supernatural powers in tune with nature and do everything they can to avoid him from being recaptured by an obsessed adventurer-turned-industrial magnate named Burnish Eddie Izzard and his zoologist, Dr.

Zara Sarah Paulson. While it all sounds like a cartoon hybrid of The Incredible Journey -meets- E. Bennet voices a brave and smart heroine out of Yi of a young lady learning to cope with her loss and openly play music again, does better than any present-day Disney Princess could; Tsai and Trainor make good as her trusty companions; Izzard fits into his customary antagonist role well enough with Paulson who isn't the person one thinks she is and Tsai Chin as Yi's grandmotherly Nai Nai is a treat being the comic relief whenever she takes screen time.

In partnership with the Shanghai-based Pearl Studio, DreamWorks pulls off a charmingly sweet and likeable fare with Abominable , especially with the running gag of a whooping snake having a pun-tastic moment in reference to a '90s one-hit wonder earning a giggle stick around for the end credits, too ; about expanding and exploring your limits and the meaning of family. The highly-popular and bestselling graphic novel remakes of Ann M.