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This is a doorbuster deal, so rush in on Black Friday, starting early at 5PM on November 22 , if you want this discount. This deal is live from November 23 to This model comes with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM - not the best specs on the market, but enough to keep you chatting and browsing the web.

Black Friday Mobile Phones Deals 2018

For the price of a midrange phone, you get a gaming powerhouse with a 5. It's not flashy, but the Moto E's basic functionality will keep you connected. There are a few good rules to follow when hunting down the best Cyber Monday deals. First up: take your time and do your research. Make sure you've found the best price available before you click the buy button, or you'll be regretting instead of rejoicing. Before you even start poking around online storefronts, do the responsible thing and set your budget. How much money are you willing to part with? Stick to that number.

Next, set your sights on which phone or phones you want to keep an eye on for a Cyber Monday deal. Don't get distracted by enticing deals on phones you haven't researched. Patience and research is crucial to making sure you buy the right model and the right generation.

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There's nothing worse than believing you scored a great deal only to find you snagged the leading device One last step to prepare: before Cyber Monday kicks off, check the sticker price of the phones you'll be considering. This gives you a clearer idea of just how much you'll save once the discounts start rolling in. But even if you're starting your smartphone search right before Black Friday, don't worry — we'll be here to help you find the very best offers in the middle of the shopping holiday, too. Let's find you a great deal! There are a couple basic tenets of Cyber Monday deals we should get out of the way.

First, you're probably going to get better deals on Android phones than iPhones.

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That's been the case in years past, and it'll probably hold true for Cyber Monday Second, this year's newer phones especially those that have just been announced may not see much, if any, discounting. If you can help it, don't take out a phone contract before Cyber Monday begins. Carrier and network Cyber Monday deals tend to slash up-front and monthly costs. Speaking of carriers, they might be the only ones offering discounts on the newest phones.

Carriers might be the only way you'll get discounts on iPhones. As they have in years previous, Apple may try to entice buyers by pairing gift cards with full-price phones.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday phone deals in the US: here are the cheapest smartphone prices

Just like with Sprint's XR deal, the discount will come in the form of a monthly credit, and you'll have to activate two new lines—or one new line, plus upgrade a second line. When combined with a super-sized gift card, that could make for a great deal. Older iPhones Looking for something priced more like a stocking stuffer than a major investment?

Here are a few more options.

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Cancel early, and the balance is due. The iPhone 6 was launched in And access over 9, products and services rated. Of course, you'll have to agree to pay off the rest of the phone over a period of two years. Leave Verizon early, and you're on the hook for the balance. But, you'd better hurry. This is an in-store only deal at both retailers. Target has a limit of two phones per person.

Most of the conditions that apply to both retailers' Apple deals apply here, too. You need to have good credit, finance the phone with the carrier, and keep your service until the phone is paid off. Or, you could get your Note9 directly through Samsung's website, or at Best Buy.

Galaxy Note 9

The credits stop after 18 months, and you'll have to activate a new line of service. The same conditions apply here, too. And T-Mobile's offer of a free phone also applies to the S9. You're going to need to activate two new lines of service and agree to stay with the carrier for 36 months. All of the other restrictions still apply. Just like with Sprint's Note9 offer, the discounts go away after 18 months and you'll need to activate a new line.

Like last year's iPhones, these phones have also come down in price this year, boosting the potential for a bargain. Other Samsung Phones Looking for a Samsung phone that's a lot less expensive?

There are deals for you, as well. While its camera is nothing special, the J3's battery lasted an impressive While it doesn't have a lot of flashy features, the J7 Prime's battery made it more than 30 hours in our testing. That puts it in the top tier for battery life. The offer, which gets slashed in half at the end of Friday, also comes with the same month commitment. And this deal is only good if you sign up the phone for Verizon service.



All of the same conditions, including the installment-plan requirement and two-phone limit, apply here, too. You're going to have to sign up for a or month agreement and trade in an eligible Android phone. That's half off the usual rate.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday phone deals in Australia:

It's unclear exactly which model the company is giving away, but it'll ship in about eight weeks. And T-Mobile has a free phone offer for it, too. In this case, the discount comes in the form of bill credits spread over 24 months. Here, too, you're going to need to set up two new lines and trade in a qualifying Android phone. I write about all things "cyber" and your right to privacy. What I enjoy: cooking and learning to code with my kids.

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