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If not, Whole Foods may have them? But the easiest way is probably to buy whole plain yogurt and add puree fruits bottled baby food to it. This is the Stonyfield Yo Baby.

YoBaby Organic Yogurts - #1 Pediatrician Recommended - 2016

Loblaw carries them. Check the Organic section if you can't find it in the normal Dairy section. I've bought them at loblaws, highland farms, metro, and even at some price choppers. I've purchased it at Loblaws' Superstore, and Sobeys.

Stonyfield YoBaby Yogurt Multipacks $1.64 after gift card and Coupon

The No Frills Bathurst and Centre also carries it. There are actually 2 different kinds of Stonyfield branded Yo-Baby Yoghurt. One is made and sold in Canada by Danone under license and is found in the organic section of most grocery stores. However, because the US version is also Kosher, it is imported to Canada and sold in the refrigerated kosher isle of grocery stores located in Jewish neighborhoods. I have fed my kids both.

The US version has a lot more varieties including some that mix fruits and vegetables but the expiry dates are not as good and it is more expensive. Dandi D says: Posted on at.


Stonyfield Yogurt Coupon | Makes Kids Organic Yogurt Pack 49¢ :: Southern Savers

I have a 10 month old and she loves blueberries and bananas! Ashley C says: Posted on at. Morrighan Crowe says: Posted on at. My boys love organic yogurt, organic apples, non gmo cheese pizza. Diana Hatch says: Posted on at. I have a 6 month old grandson who loves bananas. Mita says: Posted on at. Megan N. Sarah Hayes says: Posted on at. Marcia Goss says: Posted on at. My grandson is almost 3. He loves yogurt, strawberries, and mac and cheese. Tasha Wilkerson says: Posted on at. My youngest is 5 months old and loves sweet potatoes and carrots best!

Littlest one is 4.

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He likes to eat cereal. Littlest is 11 months and lives Apple sauce! Dawn Monroe says: Posted on at. I think my younger grandkids would enjoy it. They like apple sauce and oatmeal.

Get Cultured With These Vegan Yogurt Brands

My daughter is almost 2 years old. She loves any type of fruit. Laura says: Posted on at. My youngest niece is one.

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She likes all types of fruit! I watch my 2 two year old grand daughters.

They both love yogurt and banana is their favorite. Jennifer Bay says: Posted on at. Lori Magelky says: Posted on at. Nancy says: Posted on at.

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She loves yogurt, blueberries, and cheese. Steph D.

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Ashley Taylor says: Posted on at. Jessica miller says: Posted on at.