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Students in grades can join us on the third Saturday and Sunday of each month to investigate exciting science topics. Sessions will be filled with new challenges, hands-on activities and Sign up to receive the latest news, events, and updates about San Diego. Our monthly and weekly newsletters will keep you informed about the latest and greatest happenings in the destination.

For the ultimate guide to planning your San Diego vacation, view and download the San Diego Visitor Planning Guide, packed with useful information that will help you plan the perfect San Diego getaway.

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English Change Language. Redeem Offer. Visit Website. Contact Info Valid Oct 1 - Oct 31, View this Event. El Prado, the central promenade, contains most of the attractions and the majority of the structures that line the street have been built in the Spanish and Latin American architecture. The attractions that line this boulevard include; the Reuben H. In the musical and theatrical areas, the Spreckels Organ Pavilion showcases the world's biggest outdoor pipe organ, an outdoor stage, the outdoor amphitheatre Starlight Bowl, theatre in the round and the Old Globe Theatre complex that has a copy of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

A number of international cottages are found here, with lawn bowling, bridge, horseshoe, petanque, and bridge clubs and the Botanical Building and connected reflecting pool. With incredible foresight, the Mexican government had its San Diego City officials find and set aside a 47, acre tract that would be used for recreational venues. Nothing was done to the tract, until Henry D. Fitch surveyed the acreage in , but the Mexican government wasn't able to go anything further with it since it became part of the United States after the Mexican-American War.

In , however, the city's Board of Trustees were asked to set aside two tracts of land with acres on each one, for a public park. Morse and Alonzo Horton, local real estate developer had picked a site northeast of the growing center of the "NewTown", which is today, downtown San Diego. A few months later, some 9 plots, instead of the original two, were chosen and put aside as the city's park, totaling acres. How this city can claim that the park, which was officially set aside in , is one of the oldest in the nation is strange; but what difference does it really make?

In , a law was passed to "insure the permanency of the park reservation".

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In , land speculators tried to grab the land by having a state senator introduce a bill to repeal the law, but a local resident found out about it and told people in the government in Sacramento and eventually it was stopped in the legislature. It is a saltbox type of home that was shipped around Cape Horn, and then reassembled in this area in It has been home to many distinctive people through its history, including pre-Civil War soldiers, Alonzo Horton, one of the founders of San Diego, and a German spy.

Every room is representative of a historic era, and it is filled with fantastic stories about these former residents. It is a house of amazing stories, starting out with the builder of the house, who had it shipped all the way from Boston, Massachusetts; William Heath Davis. Davis came to the area years before , and with four other men, saw the great potential of the landscape next to the Pacific Ocean and using great foresight, these four men bought a acre plot and actually laid out the plans for this new city, plus built a big wharf and warehouse.

Since there weren't any trees or forests near the San Diego Bay, Davis bought of these prefabricated houses and had them brought to his "New Town" by ship. These came here aboard the Cybell, and had them built in the area where today, the "Star of India" is docked. One house, on State and Market, was rented to military officers, and another on State and F streets became his personal home.

These same officers went on to become leaders in the Civil War and eventually generals. An economic depression occurred in , which stopped their plans for the city, and it wasn't until , with the arrival of Alonzo Horton and his wife, that is once more started growing. The history continues on with many colorful and interesting people coming and going and is worth visiting, as well as exploring the magnificent past.

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Rumors of various hauntings also add some flavor to the whole story that is as intriguing as the people that lived here. The museum was the results of years of collecting beautiful works of art by the Putnam sisters, who moved here from Vermont in the early s. The sisters spent many years collecting old masters paintings from Europe, and most of them were donated to the San Diego Fine Arts Gallery, which went on to become the San Diego Museum of Art. Later acquisitions were loaned to numerous prestigious museums across the nation, until the Timken Museum of Art opened its doors in It was in , that the sisters' good friend and advisor Walter Ames, helped them start the nonprofit Putnam Foundation, which eventually put their collection into the Putnam Foundation Collection.

In the early s, Ames was able to get enough funding from the Timken family to start building the museum. While the foundation was being started and the opening of the museum, the collection was on loan to many great museums like the National Gallery in Washington, D. In , all the paintings were brought together, and finally hung in their new permanent home at the Timken. Set on the Prado, in Balboa Park, the museum exhibits over 60 magnificent works of art, with mainly paintings, as well as some sculptures and decorative art items. These works are divided into three different areas; Russian icons, European old masters and 18th and 19th century American art.

Each gallery contains special and invaluable pieces of the particular genre, with fabulous examples like the Saint Bartholomew by Rembrandt, which happens to be the only painting in the city by that wonderful Dutch artist; the Cranberry Harvest by Eastman Johnson; the Elder's Parable of the Sower by Pieter Bruegal; John Singleton Copley's portrait of Mrs.

Budget Rent-A-Car has the best customer service staff in the car rental business that are friendly and courteous. Budget will have you out on the road fast and without any hassles. Ownerships of the museum was given to the city soon after. It is the biggest and oldest museum in the area, with many wonderful traveling exhibits from around the world. They also support many cultural and educational programs in the region. The collections are encyclopedic with works from B. It also has some Asian works in a gallery of its own, with some Impressionists paintings, modern works and Georgia O'Keefe works, although they aren't always on exhibit. The museum gets well over , visitors every year, and the building itself is a beautiful and exquisitely sculpted masterpiece as is evident by the picture to the right. The museum houses its own library, with over 27, sales and auction catalogs, ongoing periodicals, 27, books, 12, volumes of bound periodicals and linear feet of rare art periodicals with original lithographs, videos, photographs, clipping files, CD-ROMs, software and scrapbooks.

The museum was started in , with local business and civic leader Appleton S. Bridges agreeing to finance a permanent structure to hold a municipal art collection. The first site was a fine arts building in the Panama-California International Exposition, beginning building in With over species containing some animals, it is one of the few zoos in the world that has a giant panda on display.

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It is operated by the Zoological Society of San Diego and sits on acres of prime real estate. The land, animals, equipment and all assets are owned by the city, with the society taking responsibility for the day to day operations and management of the zoo. The zoo started just after the Panama-California Exposition when many exotic and other types of animals and their exhibits were abandoned after the expo ended. Harry M. A permanent piece of property was set aside in Balboa Park in , and they started moving animals into it the next year.

Frank Buck started as a temporary director in , signed to a three year contract by Dr. Wegeforth, but had such a hard time getting along that Buck left after three months. After various other failures to sign a new director, Wegeforth made the bookkeeper, Belle Benchley the executive secretary which in essence was the director. Some years later, Belle achieved the title of zoo director, and stayed on from until During that period, or most of it anyway, she was the only female director of a zoo in the world.

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Her successor was Dr. Charles Schroeder. Up until the s, the fee for children under the age of 16 was nothing. The zoo was a pioneer in creating cageless habitats and the zoo's center for Reproduction of Endangered Species started in by Dr. Kurt Benirschke, whereupon he became the first director. In , it was expanded to become the Institute for Conservation Research.

It has a guided tour bus that travels almost three quarters of the park, and an overhead gondola called the Skyfari that gives a wonderful aerial view of the zoo and parts of the park.

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Skyfari was built in by the Von Roll Tramway company of Bern, Switzerland and is called a type Their displays are usually designed around a certain habitat, using the same feature to include different animals that are found side by side in the wild; with the native plant life also. Thus, an African rainforest can have gorillas, while the Arctic taiga and tundra contains polar bears in the summer.

Numerous aviaries are found here that are the biggest free flight in the world, and many other habitats are made natural looking with invisible wires and darkened blinds to see birds, with pools and open air moats for the bigger mammals. Most of the animals are regularly exchanged between the two zoos, as well as between the San Diego Zoo and other zoos around the globe; in accordance with the Species Survival Plan.

It is one of the few zoos in the world that has most of its main displays open air, with the sole building being the Reptile House. The climate is perfect here for both plants and animals, with an arboretum on the grounds with a rare plant collection. A portion of the garden contains rare animal foods, like the 40 varieties of bamboo for the pandas that are on loan for the Chinese, and 18 types of eucalyptus for its koalas.