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And I appreciate the post! Thank you for this post! I literally just had the thought that I needed to start making my own cause the store bought stuff was full of crap. Then I saw this post.

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Funny, I just purchased Worcestershire sauce for the first time in my life. French had more ingredients that seemed unnecessary so I opted for the tiny bottle of Lea. When it come to reading an understanding labels, think most people worldwide have no clue! Shared via Facebook!

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But this is an interesting recipe. Would love to try it for myself and see how it compares in flavor. Very interesting and in-depth analysis on your article. Love that. Also, my research on corn products show caramel is yet another product derived from corn. To the author: Propylene glycol is NOT ethylene glycol, the main ingredient found in most antifreeze. Propylene glycol is safe to consume if one really wanted to.

I emailed Lea and Perrins to specifically ask if their sauce had soy or MSG, was told that is does not. I would love to try the homemade one though! My mother uses Bragg Liquid Aminos or coconut aminos and just about everything she makes is awesome. Besides the Garlic Powder have you found out if Onions are in thevSauce.

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I saw on one site they had Shallots which is an Onion Product! Good God! Ah…vanilla flavoring comes from the vanilla bean…it contains no beaver anus extracts…please use snopes. Thanks, my girlfriend has onion and garlic allergy and we always have to check the ingredients. It often makes it hard to eat out in a nice restaurant because we have to ask what is in the dish.


Do you know of a substitute for garlic and onion I can use at home? Artificial vanilla is made from wood by-products.

Vanillin is a very simple compound, C8H8O3 a chemical bond of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Natural vanilla extract actually has more chemicals than vanillin. In the food science industry the standard test to distinguish between the two hinges upon 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, which is absent from artificial vanilla flavorings.

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I found mine near the meat department. They had some. Good luck.