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How can tourists help? We will be in for 5 days in december and would love to do what we can, at least for a few hours. I will be put out an Eco Friendly Belize supply list page in the store section on my site Ann. We have a location and are going to start stocking for future cleanups. The Phoenix Resort does a weekly peach clean up as well for another way to participate. Great job with the cleanup and water testing!

It is too precious to ignore. I hope it keeps going and a next big entity steps in to do a cleanup campaign in Thanks for putting together this blog, It is so helpful! Suya tours is offering a full day of snorkeling with three stops and a BBQ lunch. We really wanted to go to Shark Ray Alley, but to do this, we would have to book a different excursion that does not include the full day and BBQ. What do you think? Is there a big difference between shark ray alley and three other three snorkeling stops.

Would appreciate your opinion. I like shark ray and done it many times and will again but beach bbq would come out in the lead cause I am such a foodie ha ha. You can also try someone who will customize it for you. Eric Henkes at uprising tours — Eric Henkis — He does snorkeling, fishing, picnics, beach bbq, private charters, and sunset cruises. Not sure if he does outside the reef will check for a guy who does. He will easily customize so just ask him for a quote on your preferred adventure combination. I contacted the bank immediately on Thursday, took a taxi to go into the branch Friday morning and nobody there seems interested to do anything about it.

The same issue happened already 7 or 8 months ago — there seem to be permanent issues with Heritage Bank. So sorry you were faced with that Marie.

I have my Canadian card eaten at Heritage a couple years back cause it was not a Belizean card, thankfully I got it back before they sent it to Canada. I have found Atlantic Bank is the best one for foreign card use Scotia good too and sometimes Belize Bank although for a while they were having a hard time reading cards with chips.


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I am there on a scouting trip next week and planning to be living there the first of December. I am in the process of buying Casa Picasso Restaurant. I have two questions for you. Is it possible for you to visit with me in person next week between November 15th — 19?

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And can you tell me a good way to send a few boxes of my personal items to the Island? Let me know if you can, Thanks, Ande Woods. Better to work out meetings and such in email Ande sent you one. As for shopping Belize Freight is a popular option. I get what you are saying Jordan, that anyone can go there if they have a boat. It was pretty private when we were there, just our group enjoying the place to ourselves. I will check in with Xsite about their plans to make sure it stays that way for their tours.

I was always skeptical it was not good to bury Sargasso without cleaning the first Tom. Maybe not good to bury period even if cleaned well. I liked how Mexico is turning it into art and houses.

Free Polio tropic cal coupons

Ocean Conservancy is a great organization that promotes all of the ideas that were offered by Carol. Another is Reef. We all need to get involved to secure our healthy oceans for future generations to enjoy. Great feedback Don and Sue, thanks. I agree we all need to get involved especially here, because of the color of the water people do not think it could be unsafe in some areas. And monofilament line wraps around manatees flippers and eventually cuts off their flippers. So many of our manatees at my marina had clubs for flippers.

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And there are so many more. We want to fly Feb 1, Can you help me? Thanks, John. Great site and useful information all around. Wish we had found this site sooner. We are going back next month and want to invest in some property. Can you suggest a reputable real estate agent? Morning Bruce, I can please email me at tacogirlbelize gmail. The hurricane in Florida made the branch with bananas growing snap and break. Do i have a chance at the bananas continuing to ripen? It is possible but hard to say as I am not a banana expert and not sure how far along your bananas were in the growing stage when they got knocked out by the storm.

Hopefully, that is the only amount of damage you experienced. Yes so true John.

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Even when it is busy they manage to take care of everyone well. We did the princess and the pea thing as we started at the bar, moved to a seat and ended up at the outside table we would have taken from the start had it not been so busy. They never skipped a beat in keeping up with us. They are a random island occurrence Iris. Your best bet is to make friends with the people that host them occasionally and ask for one, or you could easily do it if you have a group of friends. I have done many swaps at my apartment over the years.

CG Esthec Salon also does them when she does a fundraiser event. We just had a cop tell us that we as Canadians need to carry our passports or a copy at all times in Belize. Said we had to buy the law book. We have never been asked before. Is this true? I do have a license and passport pics on my phone always and it has come in handy before, but never once have I heard it was mandatory. Anytime Jennie. Try El Fogon too for stewed chicken, they also do great Belikin beer battered fried chicken on Tuesdays.

Hi, Taco Girl! My husband and I are coming to Belize for our 1 year anniversary.

We are staying at Coco Beach Resort. For the day of our anniversary, any suggestions on fun things to do during the day and something romantic at night? Coco Beach is a great place and you can certainly have a romantic dinner right there for that evening. You could literally spend a day just lounging around their pool area, swim up bar, pool with a smallish but fun waterslide and jumping platform. I recommend downloading facebook local if you use it as it is a great way to find out events, restaurants, and points of interest where ever you are traveling.

You can search places in advance too. If not, snorkeling is always a favorite and highly recommended.

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I can also help you save a few dollars on tours and have some food and shopping discount coupons and flight code as well email me at tacogirlbelize gmail[dot]com. I have been following this website for a few months now since my husband and I decided to go to Belize this December. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. We were planning on going to Ambergris Caye for a week but I am now second guessing that decision because I have read a ton of recent reviews saying the stench from the rotting sea grass is unbearable.

If so, do you think it would be gone by December ?